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Friday, September 11, 2009

The New and Ongoing Adventure of Flat Aunt Becky (Part the First)...

...In which Flat Aunt Becky (or "FAB" for ease of typing) visits the Georgia Heritage Center for the Arts and finds herself fundamentally changed (as good art is known to do).

Aunt Becky* had a little contest thing for her blog. Being preoccupied with cleaning house, procrastinating and then having to sew like crazy, and trifling things like a divorce, I failed to even start my entry until yesterday, the day after the deadline. Typical. I decided to play along, anyway, because I'm like that.

*Not my real aunt, for which she may be eternally grateful!

I wanted to show Aunt Becky a good time. Unfortunately, I'm not really a fun-and-games, party type of gal. I know! So I brought her with me to meet some of the most creative, outrageous women I know, the Thursday group at the GHCA.

At first, Aunt Becky felt a little...square...around the gals. She was a wee shy, and stuck close to me and Bob the Wonder Computer, the only people she knew at the gallery.

She warmed up to The Bad Fairy, though - there's something about TBF that brings out the worst best in a person...she's sassy, delightfully sharp witted and is marvelously skewed - right up Aunt Becky's alley!

Aunt Becky was feeling a little under-dressed - her black-and-white attire just wasn't gallery material. "Come on, let's have a makeover!" she cried. I tried to warn her that I failed Girl 101, but she wasn't having any of it. She dumped my art supplies on the table and dove right in.

She demanded a boob job and asked me to shave a little off her hips. I told her I thought she looked just fine the way she was, but she scoffed at me and told me to get cutting. Hey, I'm no plastic surgeon, but she was so pushy I had to comply or risk her causing a scene.

"Quit fucking around and give me Kate Beckinsale's ass!!"

When the cutting was done, Aunt Becky was down to her essentials - transformed to Flat Aunt Becky!!

I did my best with her coif...but remember, I failed Girl 101 and my idea of highly styled hair is putting a flower in my bun. Still...she seemed satisfied, and was easily distracted from her hair-y musings when I pointed out her distressing lack of clothing. The gallery is, after all, a family-friendly place!

Fashionably attired in blue jeans, a t-shirt pimping her blog site, foofy scarf and hot pink boots, FAB was ready to jump into gallery culture.

She decided to help TBF put together a new rolly cart, meant to hold TBF's glass oddments - TBF is a stained-glass artist when she's not being a Bad Fairy.
To be continued...


Susan said...

Aunt Becky, what does it feel like to have an "M" in your hoo ha? Waiting with bait-like breath to hear more adventures..

staceyjwarner said...

wow, super fun to read your blog, found it on Braja's sight (got to love her). You are so creative, how FUN! I think we have a bit in common..."single mom of a mad genius six year old," I say pointing to myself with a silly grin.

much love,

Kyddryn said...

He, Mizz Sisaun, I suspect it tickles!

Mizz Stacy, welcome, and thanks! Glad to have you pop in. We must becareful not to let our two Evil Geniuses dwell in the same place at the same time...havoc and mayhem are sure to follow!!

Aunt Becky said...

Dude. I am so full of the super sexy it's incredible.

Kyddryn said...

Aunt Becky...yes, ma'am...

Shade and Sweetwater,