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Thursday, September 3, 2009


Bye-bye, Loki.

You were the coolest dog ever. You were my singing partner. You never gave up hope that I'd give you a french fry. You always gave a lady your seat - even if she had to shove your ass off the couch to get it.

I'll miss you, and you weren't even mine.


Excuse me a minute.
My best friend and sister of my heart, K, married a man who had a dog. The dog was Loki. Loki was the coolest dog ever. I don't care how cool you think your dog is or was, Loki was cooler. He spoke conversational English. He was freakin' huge. He loved his humans. When I walked into their house, he'd stir himself to woof a little, and I'd almost always tell him "It's too late you daffy beast, I've already walked in and axe murdered everyone!"

He would grudgingly give a gal his seat on the couch, if she shoved his ass out of the way, first.

He liked cats. He liked to play with cats. Especially their heads.

Loki and me did something special...something he wouldn't do with just anybody. We sang duets. When I paid a call and he caught sight of me, he'd start to whine. Big black dog, scare the crap out of anyone who didn't know better, and he'd whine like a bitch. I'd whine back. He'd yelp. I'd yelp. He'd whine again. I'd start to howl. He would howl...and we were off on a sing. Once or twice we got the whole canine neighborhood riled up into a chorus. Loki thought I was a good howler...he said I sung purty.

If I happened to have stopped at McD's on the way to my visit, he'd hang at my feet hoping for a french fry. I would tell him I was cold and heartless and didn't share food with dogs...but a couple of times, when no one was looking, I gave him one. Shh. Don't tell.

When K had her daughter, we had to stop singing all the time...had to be aware of the baby sleeping. Loki would whine and I'd tell him "Sorry, buddy, baby's sleeping. Maybe next time." and he'd put his head on his paws and groan, whuff, sigh, disappointed. Me too. There was always a next time, though...

Loki died last night. No next time. Loki died last night. I found out just now...too late to call K and offer condolences. I didn't have my phone with me, so if she tried to call, I didn't know it...so I found out just now and am squalling like a brat who lost her lolly...because he wasn't my damn dog and I didn't have a damn history with him like K and her husband did (and E? I'm sorry, man)...but he was the coolest dog ever and I like to think he was my friend, too...and I'm going to miss him.

*Photos totally stolen from E's facebook post about Loki


cinner said...

I am so sorry. Loki sounds like he was a wonderful dog. That is wonderful the two of you singing. I have two dogs and know how attached you can get to them, so Big Hug from accross the way.

Holly said...

You so did have a dog. He just didn't live in the same house with you. But, yes you had a dog and he loved you and I'm very profoundly sorry for your loss.

You had a dog named Loki.

darsden said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear this. He really did sound like the coolest dog. There are no words for comfort here, a love one has passed and nothing can replace or comfort all those involved. I am sorry for yours and their lost .. big {hugs}

kerri said...

sniff.......thanks hun we love you

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

I miss all my old dogs...

Bye-bye Loki!

Suzy said...

This is why I can't get a dog again, I'm already attached to so many of my friends' dogs and I really fall COMPLETELY apart with dog loss. RIP Loki. Say hi to my Kiko. Except for one letter, they're kinda twins.