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"...besides love, independence of thought is the greatest gift an adult can give a child." - Bryce Courtenay, The Power of One

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Own Personal D-Day

September 2, 9:30 Am, Courtroom 3 - Divorce court.

I'm told it's like traffic court (wouldn't know, never been) and everyone slated for the docket that day waits their turn. We'll see. I'm bringing a book, because I think my usual origami pastime might not be appropriate.
Now for something not depressing:

Rook likes to nap against my leg. I like to let her.


womanwisdom said...

hi K!

any form of separation is indeed devastating. it's like removing shoelaces that are wet, really!

when my parents separated when i was 11, that was 37 years ago, i tell you it was disaster...but still, the beauty of life is, you always get to cling on to hope. and to hope i did cling to. hope doesn't mean finding the right partner in life (which i never did have), but the bright side of life that tells me i know i can make it in this world!

YYYYYeSSSSS! and now, i'm taking care of mom, and a beautiful 16-year old...ooohhhh yes, i'm terrified knowing she's growing up to be quite independent (she was homeschooled too!) but confident she's equipped with life skills she needs for living... and thriving. i guess the little birds in the nest need some pushing to learn to fly, right? and to soar we dream our children to be.

you have a wonderful future in store for you, K, really! i'm sure, the little one is growing up to be a fine lad! a great Mum you are!

let's drink to that! (coffee?tea? wine? or beer????)

go gently my dear...sending you warm island sunshine...

darsden said...

ugh...sorry.. but on the other side... loooook at that sweet babe' kittens are so kute!

Anonymous said...

Rook is just too cute for words!