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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Vote Or You'll Be Sorry

Hello, my name is K, and I'm a voter. I try never to miss a vote, although I was denied my right once when someone forgot to file the paperwork transferring my precinct and it wasn't until voting day that I learned of the snafu - one reason I am sometimes leery of paperless processes...how do I know it's really done if I have no proof?

I wish to remind you that you may have runoff elections in your area today.

Big deal, you say. Who cares? I'm busy.


I vote. Every time. If necessary, I pack the Evil Genius into the car and bring him along to charm the ladies (and occasional gentleman) who run the precinct. They are, for the most part grandmotherly sorts who love it when kids come along. I let him push the occasional button, and he is thrilled to be part of the process. It does not matter if it's raining, freezing, or hailing felines, canines, assorted rodents and aliens. I vote.

I am a pagan, well read, political Buddhist (middle-grounder, no party affiliation because I'm all about the cause, not the propaganda or the dogma)(yes, I said dogma)(and I meant it). I am half hippy, half redneck, somewhat politically conservative and fairly socially liberal. I give great thought to the issues that concern me, and slightly (but only slightly) less thought to the ones that aren't as pressing in my opinion.

I am clinically depressed, agoraphobic, a touch paranoid and a dash OCD.

And I vote. Every time.

Let me reiterate - I am not always happy about the fact I'm still kicking, often deeply miserable, don't like leaving my house, think you're all out to get me, and everything has to be just the way I think it needs to be or the world will come to an end. I am nuttier than squirrel poo! And I'm voting!!

So you can either take that as an inspiration - Gee, she makes it to vote, why can't I? or a goad - Oh dear god above, she votes and if I sit on my butt and don't do the same, she'll be making all the decisions about who runs what!! I don't much care why you vote as long as you get the hell out there and take part in the process.

Yes, even the runoffs, even if it's for some local position like Chicken Inspector and you don't care.

People died to secure this right. Don't waste it.

Remember - silence equals assent, and a failure to vote equals silence. If you don't vote when you can, you don't get to complain and I will tell you to shut up.

Get to it.


Susan said...

Well done! I'm a compulsive voter, too. Chicken Inspector...bwwaaaaa!

noble pig said...

I vote for every chicken inspector I can...I love your serious but humorous take on a very important issue!

Good for you!

Annie Anderson said...

My sentiments exactly! Especially your last line about "I will tell you to shut up!" Love it!

Kyddryn said...

Susan, cool!

Thank you, Oh Noblest of Swine!

Annie, welcome! I have been known to quash a rant or two when the ranter copped to having missed the vote because of something not life-threatening.

chris said...

WORD UP! I always tell my students that people around the world are still dying just to have the right to vote and here we are in the land of the free and home the brave and we take voting for granted.

Magpie said...

i always vote too.

you might need one of these: http://myyardourmessage.com/signs/winning/

Kyddryn said...

Chris, thank you for taking it to the next generation!

Magpie, those are awesome! I may need a few dozen of them. I wonder if they take fervor as a form of payment?

The Broken Man said...

I'm with you - I always make a point of voting.

The Broken Man


Kyddryn said...

Broken Man, Thanks for popping in - and thanks for voting! It's heartening to see folks take an interest in the future of their nation. I was starting to feel all alone...