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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rain, Four Days, and a Mess

It has rained for three days, a lovely soaking rain that occasionally turns heavy. The wind hasn't been too fierce, although at one time it did blow the rain against the front of the house. Were I a better homeowner, I'd have gone out with a soapy brush and scrubbed the siding while the rinse was free, but...nah. The sun is broke through the clouds Tuesday evening - the world was painted with a thin yellow wash and the drops captured by the trees were glistening topaz cabochons in the gloaming. If it rains all weekend, I won't complain one little bit. We have months or dry to make up for.

If it does rain over the weekend, it'll be an interesting few days. Starting Thursday, I'll be working in the tower over at the track, running communications for the AMA motorcycle event. They don't run in the rain. I am torn between hoping the weather is fine (I like these guys and hate to see them lose track time) and hoping the rain continues and the lake once again fills. Not that I live near the lake, but our drinking water comes from there, among other places, and I actually like flushing my toilet once in a while without feeling guilty.

Rain or not, for the next four days I'll be at the track (Road Atlanta, if you're interested), up in the tower, juggling radios, emergencies, timers, and whatever else they throw at me - but mostly, course communications and dispatch for emergency vehicles. Sounds fun, huh? It is. I may bring Bob the Wonder Computer along every day, but won't likely be on the Internet until I come home at night.

While I'm working all day at the track, Mum (who has also done tower duty over there) will be hanging out with the Evil Genius at home. This is because T will also be at the track, working as a corner marshal (if you've ever watched a televised race and seen those folks in white who wave flags, run to wrecks and assist drivers/riders, put out fires, run across the track to retrieve debris, and generally look like they're hot, tired, and having a blast - that's a corner marshal).

Since Mum's staying for four days, I really needed to go clean her room. T and I were recently cleaning out the space under the stairs (no, not looking for Harry Potter, although I think we found a few hairy spiders), and before anything went back I needed to sort through all of it and toss some junque. No kidding, there were things that have been under there since we moved in - I'm thinking that we haven't missed the for eight years, so maybe I can toss 'em. Whatever else I did, I needed to get the mess out of there, because I'm pretty sure she won't want to sleep in the old port-a-crib or on the floor under the bed (the only two options before we sorted all that mess off the bed).


Susan said...

Have fun! And tell that man of yours to be careful!

chris said...

Send some of that rain here in Chicago, my grass is turning yellow and orange...Wait maybe it's because it's almost fall.

devilsivy said...

You're a great homeowner, calling more rain and cleaning under your stairs!