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Monday, August 4, 2008

If I May

I'd like to point something out. You may not have noticed it because I may have tried to hide it a bit. Not that's it's easy to hide - it's huge.


I am speaking of mine arse.

No need to back away from the computer in an effort to save yourself the horror - I have not posted a photograph of the enormous thing, nor will I - I do not Have Mrs. G's fortitude in this regard.

A while back, I did put a thingie at the bottom of the blog (bottom, hah!) that shows weight loss. It's called "Getting Rid of My Fifty-Acre Ass". I have decided to join Mrs. G's 5K Ass Project, and so have made a new thingie that perches just above my fifty-acre ass thingie (oh, good grief) that will show how many laps I've swum or miles I've walked to date, these being activities I can be counted on to make at least a half-hearted effort at.

I am pointing this out so you can go look at the tremendous work I have done and laugh yourselves silly when you realize you do more before breakfast than I've managed in a week.



chris said...

Hey, as long as your comfortable with it, then everything is a ok. :)

devilsivy said...

You are a transforming metamorphic miracle and what you tell your body to do, it can and will! That goes for your ass too. ;)

Kyddryn said...

Aww, thanks y'all!

Suzy said...

I spend 3 days offline and when I return, no fewer than 4 bloggers I read are talking about their fat asses. Weird.