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Monday, August 18, 2008

Just Ouch

I broke my pinkie toe on Friday.

You know how you can be walking along, maybe with your arms full so you can't see the floor, and maybe you don't have shoes on because you're indoors and it's hot, and maybe you move your foot and possibly your foot isn't quite where you thought it was, and you mash your pinkie toe into an impediment?

And maybe you're walking kinda fast? Like mach two-hundred?

And your toe kinda goes "POP!!" or something, and you dance around with your arms full and try very hard not to say cuss words and throw what you're carrying down because it's fragile?

Yeah, like that.

And last evening? My foot got tangled up with something (I have no idea what)(possibly an octopus or one of those carnivorous vines like in Jumanji) and yanked into something else (it could have been a book, or it could have been a granite block randomly placed where my foot would find it) and that same pinkie toe hit that something else (my vote is for the granite block) and I hopped around again and shouted a very rude word just about as loud as I could, frightening the cats, startling T and J, and making the Evil Genius giggle like a loon.

Now it's all poofy and turning colors and isn't speaking to me any more. Poor pinkie toe.

Ouch, y'all. Just ouch.


RachelW said...

Ouch. Tender hugs and comfrey salve coming your way!

chris said...

You never really appreciate your toes until you hurt them...Feel better.

Stefanie said...

I would've sworn for sure. No need to hold back when your toe literally pops! Curse like a sailor and be proud of it! I wish your toe shade and sweetwater!

Kyddryn said...

Aww, thanks y'all!

It is turning such pretty colors, now...

I've broken all my toes at one time or another - an active life can be hard on the feet - and it's just such an annoyance.

Lucky I tend to heal in a hurry, because I don't have the patience or time to deal with an unhappy pinkie toe - they are SO high-maintenance!

Kit said...

Missed this- and had no idea when we visited this evening! Ouch! I'm sorry. I've had a broken toe before (stepped on by a horse) and it hurts. Still pings occasionally, actually. Hope yours heals quickly and better.

Aunt Becky said...