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"...besides love, independence of thought is the greatest gift an adult can give a child." - Bryce Courtenay, The Power of One

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Friday, August 15, 2008


Hi, it's Bird again!

I went out with Mommy on a date last night because Daddy is not home right now and he said I was the Men of the House and In Charge, so I had to take care of Mommy and got out with her, so we went to Borders and Friday's and I had macaroni and cheese and mandarin oranges to eat and we colored on the kid's menu and I had lemonade to drink and only dropped a little of the macaroni and cheese from my spoon.

I like macaroni and cheese, don't you?

I watched the 'lympics with Mommy, and we told the Korean man to show the tall bar who's boss and he did and Mommy cheered because he didn't fall like he did from the rings, which Mommy was sad about because she said you don't want to win because someone fell or got hurt but because you did your best and it was better than their best, but I still think winning is the best thing.

Mommy was cleaning my room and I told her a story about a train and the aircraft carrier and the bugatorium while she was cleaning, and we looked for all my monster magnets but only found most of them but that's OK because I told Mommy to keep an eye out for them and she said she would, so they won't be lost.

I told her about the spiders in the garage. When we got home tonight, we saw a cricket in the driveway when we went to get the mail, and I had to investigate it and tell it about our night, and it sat still and listened very carefully until we went inside, and then I told mommy about the bugatorium and the spiders in the garage. The spiders start out as black widows but they turn into big-legged daddies and then they don't change any more. All the spiders start out as different ones and turn into big-legged daddies and then they can't change any more.

The bugatorium had little blue fuzzy bugs, but Mommy swept them up so now they aren't there any more, but that's OK.

Today we are going to Gramlin's house to bring her tables and now I have to go get ready to go because Mommy says we have to hurry up so we aren't too late and Rosie - Rosie is our van - has to have fuel and we don't go through the car wash any more because it's a waste of water but I really miss doing that so I hope we get to do it again soon.



Writer Dad said...

I love it. Posting from a child's point of view. Just delightful.

Susan said...

Tell me more about the bugatorium! Well done, Birdie!

Kyddryn said...

Writer Dad, welcome, and thanks. If you read that in a hurry, you'd just about know what it was like to be bombarded by the Evil Genius - and he's like that all the time.

Susan, I have no idea where he got that...but I am informed that it's down the hall, through the kitchen, left into the dining room and then it's just there.