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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


A town near my home is attempting to garner a World Record.

They decided, I know not why, that having a record for Most Scarecrows Ever In One Place Besides An Oz Cornfield (and wouldn't those be scareflyingmonkeys, really?) would be a wonderful thing. Scarecrows are everywhere, and I must say I applaud the ingenuity and creativity displayed by the residents of Hoschton.

While I have known about the effort for quite a while, I hadn't had occasion to see the scarecrows until recently. I had to stop and photograph a few of the new residents.

A Georgia Bulldogs game, complete with onlookers:
Shade tree mechanics:

Ride 'em crowboys!

Gourd, simple folk:
There's nothing like a gourd solo:

The Nascrow winner's circle:

Town crowyer:

That's just a few of them - there was a nativity scene complete with scarecrow people dressed as animals, and entire scarechoir, brides and grooms, a grouping of Sheriff's Deputies, and more - about twelve hundred in all if the numbers are to be believed. They need four-thousand to make the record - I am kind of hoping they make it!

You can't beat small-town America for finding odd amusements.


Susan said...

That is positively fantastic! I hope they make the four thousand, too. LOVE the football game. So creative!

Kit said...

I didn't know this was going on! Maybe Billy would like to drive the boys up for some scarecrow spotting one afternoon.

RachelW said...

The "crowd" and the mechanics really take the cake! This is giving me some nifty fun-with-the-kids-this-autumn ideas... ;)

chris said...

It's cool and a little spooky...

Ginaagain said...

Aha! Now I know where my mother belongs. She will be arriving with her scare-y entourage as quickly as I can figure out how to pack them all up.

MereCat said...

Quizzical, this. But cute. I'm sure the whole town had a ball doing it. In my town, they'd have been spray painted as soon as dusk hit, so it's good you live someplace very nice.

Suzy said...

I love small town America, it's like going to a foreign country.