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Sunday, August 10, 2008

B-2 Bugs Find Me Irresistible

We picked blueberries today. Mmmm, blueberries, warm from the sun, fresh from the bush. Sigh. My friend Kit, her sons Little Man, Sweetcheeks, and Babyman, her husband The Music Man, Bird, T, and me (or I, take your pick), plus a guest appearance by Mum, made up the party.

Mum's neighbor, Kindhearted Blueberry Goddess, lets us come raid her bushes every year - she has so many, she can't eat them all and she's glad to have someone come take care of them for her!

A larger-than-a-bee-dear-goddess-that-stinger-could-go-right-through-me bug decided I was its friend. For once in my life, I didn't remain calm, cool, collected, and keenly interested in whatever critters has come in for a landing and a bit of the old Marco Pole routine. Nope. I didn't quite squeal, but I did finally scuttle away from the bush I was gleaning and ask The Music Man for a little help removing the visitor, since I had a bucket of berries in one hand and it was crawling around the neckline of my shirt looking for a way in. I don't mind visitors, really, even the stingish sort, but not down my top!

Of course the dadblasted thing re-launched itself and was long gone before The Music Man could see it and I felt like an ass. It was probably looking for its mother ship. I abandoned that bush for safer, less stinger-y ground and finished filling my three quart container.

The boys ate whatever they picked, probably got too much sun, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Giant stinging brutes aside, I had a lovely time, too, despite the knowledge that two of the boys (Evil genius included) may have discovered the joys of poison ivy!

We got home and T decided to clean out the cupboard under the stairs. I'm thinking of stashing a certain Evil Genius there until he gets an attitude adjustment (my kid has a sudden severe case of The Ass and he is getting on my last nerve). I cleaned the kitchen so this:

...would not be lurking to one side while I fixed dinner.

I have no idea how we get so many dishes in the sink on a day we're not even home...must be dish gnomes. Next time we go out, I'm leaving my giant stinging bug-friend on guard - the thing would frighten off a Marine!


Kit said...

You're right- that thing was menacing. I'm glad it left me alone!

We had a blast. And YUMMO, berries!

Kyddryn said...

I asked Music Man for help because you were nursing Babyman - otherwise I'm afraid I would simply have run for the closest human. I AM glad the thing took off before there was an unfortunate stinging or smushing, though. Also, I'm glad that it wasn't holding on when it took off, or I would have lifted off with it.

Big. Very big. And scary. Also, big.