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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Random Shots

I'm drawing a blank, so here are some random photos...a sort of Photofetti, if you will (and even if you won't). Today I'm taking the Evil Genius to have his picture taken with The Holly King/Santa. I am thinking about dressing him in shorts and a tropical print shirt, because why not? Is there some rule that says all pictures with the big guy have to be in Winter Garb??

Then I'm hangin' with mum for the rest of the day, spending the night at her place, and going to the gallery tomorrow. Try to contain your excitement.

On with the photos.

I made this card in September, to sell at the gallery. I try to get holiday cards made a bit early, to give them time to sell. Tomorrow, I'll be making Yule/Christmas cards. If they don't sell, guess what I'm mailing those Holly King/Santa pics off to my family in?? I hand cut all those bits of paper. Except the leaves - I borrowed a punch for those. Maybe if I'm no a complete slacker, I'll get some shots of the holiday ones. Try to contaian your excitement.

I got these crayons for three dollars at Borders - they were on sale for some reason. They're triangular and don't have paper wrappers on them. I like them.

This is my wheelbarrow, full of water because it's been sitting outside for over a year. Now I know where the mosquitoes were coming from all summer. I don't get around that side of the house much. It was supposed to be under the house in the crawl space, but never got put away despite assurances it would be. Not that I'm bitter or anything. Oh, well - it made for some pretty pictures, anyway. It's still there, quietly rusting...I'll deal with it when I get home tomorrow.
This bush...this bush glows in the Autumn, and I try to capture the way it takes sunlight, paints it crimson, and gives it back...and every year I fail. I keep trying, though.

Her highness approves of the basket of yarn oddments placed carefully in a window where there's plenty of sun. It's almost as if someone living here knows what cats like.

I think they're planning something...

A grey day outside my window, earlier this week.

Hello, little maple leaf...so bright, it caught my eye from across the yard. I like the contrast of the dark oak, with its veiny texture.

The Evil Genius preparing for a concert. Don't all rock stars keep their drumsticks down their shorts?? Never mind...don't answer that...


Susan said...

Great pics! I especially love the wheelbarrow and the grey day. And I think Bird should wear his concert outfit for his picture with the Holly King.

Momlady said...

How about some more pictures of FAB?

Kyddryn said...

Mizz Susan, thank you...and I wouldn't care if the Evil Genius wore nothin' but his birthday suit...but I think some of his family members might not be thrilled by his attire (or lack thereof), so tropical shirt and shorts it shall be.

Mum...funny you should mention her...I was thinking of bringing her with me today, maybe see if the Holly King is game...and she hasn't been to your place, yet...