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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I didn't get many photos of the pumpkin fun - too busy taking part. It was raining when I took pictures of the jack-o-lanterns outside, so they aren't great, either...but hopefully they'll do.

Mum and Someone opted for Pumpkin Masters patterns. Usually I do one of those, too, but this year I wanted to freehand a design.
Mum was checking Someone out. You know how Mums can be - protective of their young.
Someone pretended not to notice. But he did floor Mum when he mentioned cleaning the cat box that morning...because he noticed it needed doing. I know!!
Rook wanted in on the fun...
We carved for a couple of hours and placed the results on the steps. I did two, mine and Bird's. He scooped out the innards and drew a design on his, but I'm still not comfortable giving him a sharp blade and setting him loose on a hapless squash.
My friend and sister of my heart, K, brought this one with her:
Here's Mum's:

The one I took without the flash, all glowy and cool, didn't turn out. Dang. I think they show better without the flash.

Here's Someone's:
Cool, huh??
Here's my silly face:
Hey, I drew that bad boy freehand! A bit simplistic, but considering my artistic endeavors usually result in poorly drawn stick figures...
Bird's design, drawn on with a pen and carved out by his bemused mother with a tiny saw:
I think it's a biclops, but don't quote me on that. Happy little thing, whatever it is.
Did you carve pumpkins? Do you prefer patterns or more traditional designs?


cinner said...

Looks like fun, I think it is cool how everyone got to carve a pumpkin. Maybe that Someone is a keeper. lol.

Momlady said...

Bird's looks like a character from monsters v aliens or some such. Great pictures despite the rain.

Heidi said...

I love the free hand ones the best. Great job!