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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I have a Flat Aunt Becky post in the offing...I just haven't loaded the photos onto the computer yet. Sigh. Maybe later this week. Meanwhile, I'm feeling a bit...apathetic... Wait, how is that new?? Never mind.

My cats have taken to perching on me whenever I sit down. They curl up around me at night, holding me in whatever position I manage to take before they settle. They take turns purring, two on, two off, all night. It's like being in one of those vibrating beds you see in the movies, the ones that are coin operated and always malfunctioning...not that I've ever been in a bed like that. If I ever was in one of those beds, I'd dump quarters into it and see if I could get it to scramble eggs...or mix chocolate milk...or whip cream. Heh. Culinary fun for fleabag prices, score!!

It's chilly inside Casa de Crazy. I'm having a slight depression. Yes, it is slight. I know what a big one is like, and this ain't it. Good times. It's chilly inside Casa de Crazy, too, because I can't afford to turn up the heat beyond its current slightly-warmer-than-sub-arctic setting. I'm depressed and I'm broke. The Evil Genius has taken to actually wearing clothes around the house. I know! The kid who thinks underwear is too much to ask is putting on pants, shirts, and even socks! Will wonders never cease?? We sit around under blankets like Indian Chiefs (you know what? I don't feel like being PC today, and anyway, what other phrase brings the mental picture to mind that "Indian Chiefs" does??) and pretend it's all good.

The cats, who have their own little fur coats, don't like it chilly. So they nest on me. They'd nest on the Evil Genius, too...but he doesn't keep still long enough. If I could rig a giant hamster wheel to the house and get him on it, I wouldn't need to pay a power bill - the EMC would be paying me!

Sometimes, one of the cats in particular will sit on my leg and stare most earnestly at me. She may or may not let loose a piteous "MEOW" while staring deeply into my eyes. I think she's worried. She knows I'm sad. She knows all is not right in the Queendom of Crazy, and she doesn't like it. She likes it when I turn the heat up to "tropical splendor". And she's got a fur coat!

I know her concern is motivated by self-interest...but it's still sweet. They're like furry little comforters, trying to warm the cold places blankets, heat pumps, and hope can't reach.
I'm working on some holiday projects for Etsy. Cards. Ornaments. I may sell one of my kidneys (hey, Etsy is for selling things you made yourself...and if I didn't make my kidney, who did??). In the spirit of apathy, I may or may not tell you when I've posted them for sale. Are you thrilled? Good...at least one of us is.

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Momlady said...

Sorry you are down. Hope it gets better soon. Hit up you know who for his share of the power bill. Meanwhile know I'm hugging you.