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Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Continuuing Adventures of Flat Aunt Becky

I took FAB with us when we went to get the Evil Genius's photo with the man dressed as Santa/The Holly King. She was a little intimidated by the big guy and opted out of the photo shoot, preferring instead to investigate the shrubberies by the bank.

Nothing says "Prepare for the oncoming holidays!" like...a gardenia? Umm...

That's more like it...Holly in full berry mode, now with bonus berries!

As luck would have it, T was taking the Evil Genius away for the rest of the weekend for a few Father/Son bonding activities, so Mum, FAB and I were free to explore a local bead show. FAB thought the beads were mostly uninteresting. I wondered if she was right in the head - who thinks beads are boring (don't answer that)? She said something about low blood sugar...

...so we repaared to the lobby to see if we could remedy the situation. I believe we succeeded.

Sadly, I could not capture FAB's shenanigans at JoAnne's - she was a whirlwind in the scrapbooking aisle, revived by her little repast, and I had my hands full keeping up with her and finding the papers I needed for making holiday cards. FAB napped all the way up to Mum's place, where we were spending the night, but she perked up in time for dinner.

Mum wanted steak, and since she was buying, who was I to argue?? We went to Longhorn.

"Now that's a knife!"

"I claim this bread in the name of Flat Aunt Becky!"

FAB shared my steak - turns out she likes her ribeye rare, too!

We didn't have desert, although I always want to order the chocolate stampede...but I can only mange a bite or two before I'm done, and it's such a waste. FAB told me later she could eat a whole one herself. I wish she'd mentioned that before - we could have shared!

I'm hoping to get back to the gallery this Sunday - if I manage it, I'm bringing FAB with me and we'll see what we get up to while we're there.


Momlady said...

That FAB, she never puts on a pound no matter how much she eats! I'm jealous!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Um... looks like I been gone too long. From the blog, I mean; I was unawares of FAB...

No fair, the ribeye shot. (punch in the ribeye! har!)