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Monday, November 2, 2009

The Playoffs Were Never This Much Fun

I know, I know, y'all want pumpkin pics. Well...they'll come...later. I like writing about the week in chronological order. I'm OCD like that.

Since we were up late Wednesday night, we all slept late Thursday morning. I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast, and Someone had a present for Bird - a ball and glove! Well, the day being fine and nothing else pressing, we had to go outside and try them out. After a little time trying the glove on both hands and trying to catch with it, Bird wanted to bat.

Someone showed him how to hold the bat and told him how to swing.

Then they had a discussion about running bases, foul balls, outs, or something like that. I don't speak Baseball very well, and between bouts of photographing, I was doing yard work.

After the chat, it was time to toss a few! That speck in the center of the top third is the ball, flying high. Umm...Sir? I believe you're supposed to fling the thing toward the batter...

Ahh...that's better...

I didn't get any pictures of them playing Frisbee or kicking the big balls around...I was trimming bushes and removing saplings and weeding, things I can't often get done outside because I'm usually the one playing with the relentless bundle of energy that is my son. I enjoyed seeing and hearing the kids...er...my son and Someone...at play.

Between bouts of kicking, catching, and occasionally retrieving balls from treetops, Someone hauled all my trimmings to the compost pile. Wow!

We retired indoors after three hours of perpetual motion. Bird had quiet time, and Someone and I sat on the front steps and enjoyed a little quiet time with the wildlife.

Thursday evening, we headed down to Borders, where Someone was lightly grilled met my discussion group/friends.

That about sums up Thursday. An ordinary sort of day from the outside looking in, I'm sure...but lovely from my perspective.


cinner said...

Sounds like a great day to me. Take care.

HermitJim said...

Hey...I think I know that guy! Glade the boys (and girls) had a good time!

foolery said...

Someone looks like an awfully nice guy and is certainly very good-looking. I think Someone might be smitten.

Kyddryn said...

Cinner, it was...thanks!

Mister hermit, Sir, we had a fine time. Maybe sometime, you can come play shortstop!

Mizz Foolery...yes, he is; I agree; and I believe you may be on to something.