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Friday, October 24, 2008


I slept well, if not over-long, here at Mum's.

She is an Internet junkie, too, but nowhere near my epic scale, so I am clacking away on her laptop due to a dearth of wireless routers in her home. Bob the Wonder Computer is snoozing in another room, unaware of my infidelity. Shh, don't tell - he's a little sensitive about his size and speed, and I don't want to feed his insecurities; they can lead to refusal to perform, and when I want it, I want it NOW. The Internet, I mean...but you knew that.

I drove up here last night, had the road largely to myself. I enjoy driving at night, especially when it's just me and the wind claiming the lanes. No headlights blinding me, no one running up behind me and riding Rosie's tail before finally zooming over and passing with a roar of impatience. Nice.

I didn't go to sleep right away - different bed, not cats or kid or television, had to get used to it. I was up late reading, as is my wont.

I woke to a watery, grey kind of morning, Mum tip-toeing around her own home so as not to rouse me. If it's larger than a beetle and it moves, I will be aware of it, but it was sweet of her to try. I watched the trees shaking off the rain, listened to the wind chimes, enjoyed a good stretch, and got up.

Today we will go find pumpkins and cider, pop in at the gallery for a photo-op (I would like to request a mask and a place in the darkest corner, please) that will hopefully get some folks interested in the arts...or at least in buying the arts. Then it's off to visit some local sales (art store and bookstore, whoooeeee!!) and perhaps an auction this evening.

I though I came up here to rest. Hah!

Tomorrow, there may be a local tiny town (it isn't big enough to qualify as small) festival and some graveyards, and who knows what else - I told Mum we could do whatever she wants, I'm hers until Sunday afternoon. Why did I just shiver??

Now I shall bid you good morning, because Mum is patiently waiting for me to finish so she can have her Internet back we can go downstairs and work on an art project - her basement is better than a JoAnne's!


Cheryl Lage said...

Your picture of shared internet makes me smile...as does the imaginings of the basement!

Do share the handiwork after the fact.

Hoping the shivers prove ill-merited (but could I ever empathize...)

The GLamorous Life said...

DO you know that you have just described my DREAM weekend.

Like heaven.
Lucky you.

Enjoy yourself.

Kyddryn said...

Cheryl, thanks - we always have fun down there, and as soon as I am home I'll upload photos.

Mizz Glamorous lady, come on down and play - there's always room for one more.