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Friday, October 31, 2008

Coming Up on the Witching Hour

I'm tired - it was a long day, with all the cooking, carving, and trick-or-treating we did...but I wanted to post a few photos from the evening.

These are the small pumpkins with which we lined the drive (thirteen pumpkins were out, but I didn't get a photo of one of them):

These are the large pumpkins that led up the steps:

I loved the way the driveway and stairs looked with all the jack-o-lanterns - it was totally worth the hand cramps - but I couldn't manage much of a photo of them from a distance.

And finally (for now), here's Bird in his ghost costume. Someone needs to tell his mother that it's too long and he'll probably step on it while going up stairs and be unable to see when the eye holes shift around to his ear. Of course, she'll probably reply that she already shortened it twice, and shepinned it to his sweatshirt hood so it would stay in one place, but I don't believe her one little bit.


Tara said...

Absolutely fabulous pumkins. Makes my single solitary one look a bit, well, lonely!
Oh and you just can't beat a good old ghost at Halloween.
Hope you had a great time. x

Kyddryn said...

Tara, thanks - we have a lot of fun carving, despite hand cramps and numb bottoms by the end of it all. I won't say I'm sorry to have all those tasty seeds, either.

I hope you and yours had a good night as well.