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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Don't Mind Meme

Merecat tagged me for a meme, and y'all know I can't pass one up.

As far as I can see, one names seven uninteresting things about one's self. Hmm.

Thing one - I sort my clothing by when and where I will wear it. Excepting at the gym (and sometimes even there) and formal occasions (and sometimes even then) I wear the same style of shirt every day...different shades of blue, different batik patterns, but all cut and sewn by me from sarongs. They are the only shirts I don't feel frumpy and fat in.

Thing two - I do not watch the news, because I don't want to become inured to humanity and our horrors. Odd as that may be, I still manage to keep up with current events...likely through osmosis, since T is pathologically addicted to talk radio and news television. He leads a frustrating existence, because I won't discuss it with him. Evil, me.

Tertius - I liked to climb trees when I was younger, and would like to do so again when I shed my fifty-acre ass. I miss being up in the crown, swaying with the wind, reading a good book and hiding in plain sight.

Vier - I can still outrun a racecar if pressed. I prefer not to be pressed. This is useful when trying to catch a five-year-old human version of Taz.

πέντε - I can sleep while floating on my back in a pool or the ocean. I have done many times; providing there are no large waves and no one feels inclined to jump in with a cannonball, it is most restful. I will not, however, sleep on a water bed.

Six - I intend to win the lottery any day now and form a free-thinkers colony. When this occurs, you are invited.

Septus - I broke my wrist when I was seven and still have a bone chip floating around in there. I also took a spear to the face and got seven stitches, and was most unladylike because I insisted on being proud of them and showing them off.

Well, Merecat, there you have it - boring, me.

I am supposed to tag others...but I am never certain of the reception of such a thing, so...please feel free to be tagged if you like; just let me know if you do so I can confirm that I am more boring than you.

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