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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Let me begin by thanking you for paying taxes, especially in the state of Georgia, where I reside.

I've just gotten home from the Northeast Georgia Medical Center ER, where the Evil Genius and I spent the better part of five hours tonight/this morning, mostly watching the clock tick...and, luckily, a Spongebob Squarepants marathon.

Why were we there? So glad you asked.

Little dude was outside, playing, our first evening of unsupervised fun. Ahem. He wandered over to the neighbor's place - a nice fellow, older, often hangs out and chats when we're outside. His grandkids are visiting, and the Evil Genius was making friends.

The kids clambered up onto the back of K's truck. No worries, it was parked and not going anywhere soon. The trouble with getting up is getting down, especially when you're six and your legs aren't all that long respective to the truck and the ground.

I wasn't outside for the event, but T was - he said the sound of that noggin smacking the pavement was rather impressive.

The Evil Genius was more angry than hurt when he stormed into the house. He sat on my lap for a bit, played a video game, and was generally disgusted by my few attempts at mothering. Hey, I'm a mellow Mom...and I know what to look for with head injuries, having had or tended more than a few in my own life. I will resist fussing and running to the emergency room/doctor unless I really think it's necessary. What's a little blood among relatives? Anyway, he wasn't bleeding, swelling, wonky-eyed (that's a medical term, you can look it up...just as soon as I write the Wikipedia entry on it), wobbly, or otherwise showing signs of open or closed head injuries.

He was fine.



He started throwing up, and he didn't want pizza for dinner. I know! Obviously something was wrong!! How could a kid not want pizza???

The third time he ran for the bathroom, I decided to take him on over to the ER, it being the only place for care after hours or on weekends around these parts.

He was sick a few more times...poor little guy, by the last few heaves there was nothing left but dust and cobwebs in there!

I'll spare you the ER boredom. Eventually, he went for a ride in a wheelchair (he says that was his favorite part) and into the CT scanner, where he did a terrific job of keeping still.

They looked and looked but couldn't find a brain, and since you can't injure what isn't there...

Seriously, he's fine. He got to watch almost five hours of Spongebob, charmed the socks off the nurses and CT techs, and generally had a fine time. Good thing he landed on his head rather than something that could have been damaged.

All of it was covered by Peach Care, Georgia's health coverage for kids, paid for by tax dollars. It's the only way I can insure the little dude. Neither T nor I are insured, and we're fine with that - we're adults and can make that choice knowing the possible consequences - but that's not an option for the Evil Genius. So...thanks for entertaining the heck out of my kid tonight, Northeast Georgia Medical Center, and thanks for footing the bill, fellow Georgians.


cinner said...

So glad everything turned out okay. Take care.

HermitJim said...

I'm glad the little guy is alright! I think you did the right tthing by both letting him go out and play without mom, and in taking him to the ER after he got sick...

Like you said...no pizza? Gotta be something wrong!

He'll be fine, K, and so will you! Sending good thoughts to ya!

RachelW said...

I'm so glad the wee boy is ok. Head injuries can be scary, and, well, better safe than sorry.

Susan said...

Oh holy shit. That scared the poo out of me. I'm glad he's okay according to the peachy smelling er but I trust you to keep an eye on him. Call me anytime as I'll get there asap to clean up vomit and keep the homefires burning while you take care of that precious boy. Can you tell that scared the shit out of me??

Kyddryn said...

Cinner, thanks.

Mister Hermit, sir, thanks - he had the pizza when we got home, and he's as full of himself as ever, now.

Rachel, I agree...better safe. If he hadn't been sick several times, I might have kept him home, but...better safe...

Mizz Susan, bless your heart! He's fine, though...got a tough skull, like his mum. :-)