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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mooning About

"Moon, moon, rolling moon, round is the moon...." Author unknown.

It's a lovely tune, and so easily harmonized - K and I like to sing it together, standing beneath a full moon. We play off of, and with, each other's voices, and if anyone else is about, invite them to sing, too.

"Silver light, shining bright, guide my way through the night, round is the moon..."

The moon is full tonight. I'll drive under her for a while, her light making my path all the brighter. I like driving at night. I'm supposed to stop, and I will - can't check into my room in Houston until after three PM on Wednesday - but I'll probably drive a few hours longer than planned so my Wednesday drive is shorter, easier.

"Moon, moon, rolling moon, round is the moon..."

There's a lunar eclipse, too. It's a good night for magic, if you go in for that sort of thing. I like to think it's a good sign, that I'm making this trip now. I go in for that sort of thing. Magic, I mean. I'm a witch...it's part of the package.

"Silver light, shining bright, light my path through the night..."

When feeling joyful, or sorrowful, or powerful, or simply full, I turn my face skyward and whisper, shout, cry, speak to her, the moon. I tell her my fear, hurt, thanks, happiness, laughter, words upon words rolling up to meet her as she rolls across the heavens. I'll be rolling along tonight, singing to her.

Feel free to join in the song.

"Moon, moon..."


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Just arrive safe there-- so you can be sent HOME the same way--- safe...



Ann's Rants said...

I love how my sons always look for the moon and point it out to me. It seems to be a baby to toddler rite of passage.

Kyddryn said...

Cygnus, sugar, Rosie will get me where I need to be safe and sound, no worries.

Ann, I love the delight and wonder with which children view the moon and other heavenly bodies...in their eyes, it's all so magical. Come to think of it...in my eyes, too!