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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Galveston, Part One

I was going to do this post in one big bang but decided it would be too big, too unwieldy...so it's coming at you in two pieces. Why yes, yes I am milking my six day trip for nearly two-week's worth of blogs...why do you ask?

Admit it - you'd do the same thing...wouldn't you?

Oh, well...on with the blog.

With the Garden Center behind us and another night spent avoiding the heat and humidity of Houston in July (and consequently taxing the A/C in my room to its limits) under my belt, my friend decided that my last day should involve the beach - Galveston, to be precise. I was happy to go - I miss the sea, and although I tried to have some quality time with Mama Oshun in Florida when we went for Aunt D's funeral, it was a bust - too much hurricane damage to the coast, too many rocks in the way, too much surf. I had high hopes we'd be able to swim...and I tried very hard not to mind that swimming would involve a bathing suit on a public beach during daylight hours when innocent bystanders could very well be struck blind.

There were these nifty marshes on the way over to the island:People were fishing in them...or crabbing...or whatever it is one does in these types of coastal marshes. It reminded me of Summers spent catching blue crabs for dinner, sitting on a footbridge and dangling a pig's foot in the water.

I know they're not the best photos, but this is the Rainforest Cafe. We didn't stop or go in, because we were beach bound, but it looked cool enough to try and snap a pic. I dug the waterfall, and from time to time the volcano would "erupt" with a roar, heralded by the pounding of drums. Cool.

We drove along the sea wall a bit, just taking in the sights, sounds, and scents of the Gulf. Above us, there was someone having a good time. The pilot was sporting with the wind, and we enjoyed seeing him at his fun.

There's nothing wrong with your computer - the building really is that color. I had to take a photo...it was so awful, it was amazing. Truly - bright, lime green, bottom to top. The building has style, at least in form...but the color? What were they thinking?? OK, so maybe it appeals to some folks, and looks like a vacation spot...but really? Wow...

There are still plenty of signs of hurricane damage, even now- piers washed away, nothing but pilings jutting up from the surf like broken teeth in the mouth of someone fresh from a brawl.

I wondered if they were ever going to rebuild, or if the owners had decided to cut and run, give it up, perhaps heartbroken or worn down by the wind, the waves, the relentless bureaucracy of insurance claims and government regulations...But obviously some folks decided to rebuild, soldier on, fly in the face of the storms, shake a fist at and tempt Mother Nature (who will answer...she always does).

Tomorrow, more of Galveston (although none of me in a bathing suit, because I love you too much to subject you to the horror) and the day after that? A contest! Hmm...that gives me two days to get Mel's prize in the mail (Mel? Still there? Helloooooo?) and figure out a prize for this one.


M said...

Sweet Goddess... that is a hidious color to paint a building. Just one look and it immediately brought to mind a vision of tourists in straw hats with loud Hawaiian-esq shirts and black knee socks with suspenders and sandals...of course, it could just be that I need a vacation from Florida. Hmm.

♥ Braja said...

Loved the quote of the day...

Kyddryn said...

M, that image is exactly what I saw in my mind's eye...

Braja, thanks...me too...wish I was half a clever with words...