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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Galveston, Part Two

I don't know why I dig this shot, but I do - something about the composition, the funny little Victorian style building framed through the windshield of a very obliging car (she's a sweetheart, and Rosie enjoyed a good gossip with her when they were parked together)(yes, I did just write that)(what's wrong with anthropomorphizing cars??)(I'm shutting up now and getting on with the blog).

This is the view from the piece of beach on which we settled.The surf was gentle, just enough for my friend to body-surf a little while I swam, floated, and had a chat with Mama Oshun. At one point, while we were swimming together, a large Fish of Some Variety leaped from the surf and landed in the water nearby. We thought it was cool. A little while later I was floating on my back, bobbing in the waves and chatting with my friend when another Fish of Some Variety decided to leap out of the water and torpedo into my right...erm...chestal area, flop onto my stomach, and after a moment or two of utter confusion find its way back into the water, where I am certain it swam away asking "What the Hell just happened??", which is what I was saying. The two young men attempting to surf nearby expressed my sentiments nicely - "Holy shit!!"

There was a small group of young people visiting the beach. I think it was a church group. Usually, I would rather burn my hair than let teenagers see my bathing-suit clad body and open myself up to snide comments and tittering...but I didn't mind them...too much...and if they were thinking unkind thoughts, they never let on. I think it helped they had a young woman of size in their midst, and they seemed solicitous of her well-being. Sweet. As they prepared to leave, one of the young ladies stood in the surf, and I snapped this:
It just appeals to me...

While the view before us was still light, bright, behind us the sun was clearly setting, turning the sky burnt orange, fading to darkness.

It was time to start thinking about going home...well, back to my room, which had been my home for the week. This was my last evening in Texas, and I couldn't have asked for a nicer few hours. I wasn't the only one thinking of heading back to roost:

One last splash in the waves, one last look at the sand and the surf......and we packed up and headed back to Mundania.

The sand was sugar, the surf gentle, the water warm, and I could happily have stayed the night there, watching the stars pop out, splashing in Yemaya's inky waters, and enjoying congenial company until the sun turned the sky once more.

Thank you, Texas, for showing me some of your beauty during my visit. I was honored to meet several e-quaintances who inhabit you, and your kindness and good nature were truly a balm. I'll be back!


Vodka Mom said...

oooooooh I love these shots.

They made me long for the beach, the water and quiet calm days........

HermitJim said...

Certainly looks like you both had a good time at the beach!

Hope to see you back for another visit soon, my friend!

Not The Rockefellers said...

Aww Kyddryn it sounds lovely, all of it...even that steadfast little steed of a car...

Peace - Rene

Kyddryn said...

Vodka Mom, welcome to my humble corner of the Blue Nowhere! It was a lovely afternoon...and I have hope I may know more of them one day.

Mister Hermit, sir, it was a good visit all around. I'm so glad to have met YOU, too, and certainly hope to do so again in the future...now that I know Houston's only a day away (kind of like tomorrow).

Mizz Rene, that little car is brilliant, and Rosie is complaining that she misses her new friend...and it WAS lovely, all of it.

Kit said...

Forgot to tellya: I really like that last picture!!