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Monday, July 27, 2009

Contest Results

Time's up. Yeah, I know, you were holding your breath, wondering "What the Hell is that??"


Is from this:

I call this shot "Sandy little piggies". I was randomly shooting from different angles to see if anything interesting came of it...and, while it's not exactly museum quality, I got a giggle from it. Thank you to Someone for being a good sport about all this.

Five folks played along - thank you Hermit Jim, Suzy, Cinner, Rene, and Kit!

No one guessed exactly what it was, but a couple of you came close, so I've decided to award two wins - one to Hermit Jim: "Looks to me like part of someone's body covered with sand...or with a combination of sand and salt water" and one to Suzy: "a leg covered with sand.". I can do that - it's my blog.

Here's what y'all get to do - click on the tags below to peruse the various photographs I've tossed around the blog, pick one you like, and e-mail me your choice and your address so I can ship you a mounted/matted piece, finished size up to 8 x 10. If you don't have a preference, just tell me your favorite color (or, conversely, the color you like least) and let me send you a random piece specially selected piece of art.

Miss Rene: "I looks like the Twinkie I found under the couch! No? Is it a stuffed animal?", Cinner: "I don't know what the hell it is, but I do know you can keep it. Lol.", and Kit: "A sandy, umm. . . a sandy. . . sheesh, let's just say it looks uncomfortable! Though that lower right corner has me confused. . . I give up!" (Kit...this is a family blog!!)(and it was a toe, sweetie)- y'all are funny! Thank you for playing along...I hope you'll join in again in the future!


Rob Houston said...

Will there be a second round? I unfortunately missed the first :(


Kyddryn said...

Aww, Rob - I'm sorry you missed it! I plan on having another contest fairly soon, though...I'll try to let you in on it - and I usually run them for a week (umm...can I say "usually" when I've only done one other??) so you'll have more time. Thanks for asking!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Is it a foot covered in sand?