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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bud, Blossom and Bloom

This Zinnia (I think it's a Zinnia...but it could be a Mum...some Witch I am, don't even know my flowers) caught my eye as we walked past a long flower bed...I love the layers of petals, the coloring, the aura of good cheer...I often call these "Pom-Pom Flowers". I can't see them without smiling.

There was a single rose climbing a trellis. She was sweet, soft, grateful for her shady spot. She posed so prettily...

These soft beauties begged to be touched. Delicate pink velvet, their hearts stained a deeper shade of their blush, they were at once bold and demure.

I lucked into this shot of a little sister enjoying her afternoon repast. See how the petals are limned in the darker color of the flower's heart? An invitation to sit and sip, if ever I saw one..."This way, this way to my heart..."

Almost blinding, these white flowers. This bud was ready to burst open and reveal the bloom's yellow center.

More tomorrow, and perhaps the next day as well, and then we'll take a break for local fare before heading to Galveston for a day or two...all from my living room!


Susan said...

Your pictures are astounding. But your descriptions make me horny. Is that your problem or mine?

Kyddryn said...

Susan, thanks...I enjoy taking them. As for horny, well...I can't help that, sugar...I'm certain nothing I wrote could possibly be sensual or sexual in nature...nope...not even a little...

Also...is horny a problem? Really? Huh...I'm sorry...