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Friday, July 17, 2009

An Interlude of Epic Cuteness

We interrupt this spate of garden-related blogging to bring you the following special report:

Don't panic. This is not a drill. We have kittens in the rosemary. Spotted a few days ago, these ferocious creatures appear to have taken up residence near the base of the pungent plant, settling in for the duration. The following images may be too graphic for some viewers - those with an aversion to unadulterated cuteness or low tolerance for adorability may find them too intense and should continue at their own risk.

Having been held, cuddled, pet, and adored by one of the local humans, they have been declared "Too freakin' cute for words!" and are therefore a Red Level threat to household equilibrium and feline maximum capacity.

As this story progresses, we'll keep you updated, because we here at Casa de Crazy know you're on the edge of your seats wondering what these terrifying critters will be up to next and how it affects your morning commute. Thanks for tuning in.


♥ Braja said...

Always ready for epic cuteness....:)

cinner said...

Oh what fun, the cats at the farm were so wild we could not even get close to themm except at feeding time. Take care.

Momlady said...

Okay, you can hold and cuddle them but no more cats in the house! Please! Maybe you could find them a good home. Yes, I love you....M

Momlady said...

P.S. I guess we know who the Mommy is but who is the Daddy? He needs to be clipped.