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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Garden's End

We are coming to the end, now - a few hours wandering in this lovely garden, a week showing you some small glimpses of what I saw. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Houston, consider making your own journey through this beautiful place and making your own memories.
Flowers are not the only colorful things growing here. How could I resist the stripes?

More stripes, in greens and yellows. Those hands belong to my friend...I couldn't edit them out without losing some of the lovely leaf. I thought it was funny that he was shooting the topside while I was sneaking in from underneath.

The flowers and greenery weren't the only thirsty things in the garden - by the time we found this water fountain near the fence, I would have welcomed even a mud puddle to sip from! I was distracted while making ready for this jaunt and forgot to grab water. Silly, me. Ah, well, I drank deep and was refreshed...

This little fellow hopped out and paced us as we walked past the last few beds and out to the car, our afternoon heading for air-conditioning, cool drinks, and a bite to eat.

I hope you've enjoyed this walk through the Houston Garden Center at Hermann Park...I certainly did!


cinner said...

glad you had fun, i love the underside of that plant. Take care, cinner

M said...

Such a cute little bunny-hopper :) I loved the stripes too! Thank you for sharing.

HermitJim said...

Glad you enjoyed your jaunt to the garden center!

You made it look pretty good!

Kyddryn said...

Cinner, it was a good afternoon, for sure. Foliage makes for good photography...and I've learned to look underneath things for another viewpoint.

M, it really was a nice little bunny...although I'm afraid we didn't spend as much time admiring its cuteness as we did discussing the merits of rabbit as a protein source. Nasty old meat-eaters, us. The bunny didn't seem to mind, though...just hopped along, secure in its knowledge that there were plenty of grocery stores nearby, full of dinners much easier to catch!

Mister Hermit, sir, I didn't do anything but photograph what was there...nature and some busy gardeners did all the work! Thanks, though...