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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thirteen Things, Fourth Day

How many posts can I stretch this thing into? Hahahahah!!!!
Tenth - Swim with a Whale Shark. I once tried to swim with a Basking Shark, but the skipper (my father) said "No!" Apparently he objected to the idea of a thirteen-year-old swimming with a shark that was larger than the thirty-two foot boat. Hmph. It's a vegetarian, I argued. No, he said. Double hmph. I really would like to swim with a Whale Shark, though...they are stunning creatures...and vegan...

Eleventy - Liposuction. Yes, really. Not because I'm vain - yeah, if you know me, you know better - but because I am losing weight, and plan to continue to do so...and that means some lonely little fat cells just aching to plump up again. I want them gone before they figure out how to reload.

Zwolf - Australia and New Zealand, preferably over a period of months, if not years.
But wait, you cry, there's one missing! Yep. Tomorrow...

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