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Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Room and Fuzzy Purple Things

I really am going to get a nap...eventually...maybe...

But I was hungry and wanted some lunch, so I went over to Schlotsky's to see what they had on offer because I wanted something with substance and haven't been to the market yet so all I have here is lovely fruit, cheese and crackers, and the pasta salad which wasn't interesting just now...pant...pant...

Anyway...Here are some photos of my room:
From the doorway. Yes, that's my quilt on the bed - haven't you seen that Dirty Jobs episode where Mike Rowe talks about the nastiness on Motel bed spreads? Or the Family Guy episode where Stewie gets all CSI on a room? Eww!! I'll bring my own blankie, thanks... I'm using the kitchen/dining/whatever table as my desk/altar instead, because a gal's got to have priorities!
From next to the bed, looking into my kitchen. OK, so there's no oven, only two burners on the stove, and a bag of popcorn could seriously crowd the microwave...but it's still usable! The partially open door lead to the bathroom. I'll spare you the photo-essay on that bit... The mirrored doors hide the closet and ironing board.

Directly across from the fridge is this little storage area where they keep the pots 'n' pans. I annexed it for storage and stowed my wooden dishes (yes, they travel with me) and the bread I brought.
Sitting at the head of the bed - kitchen to the left, front door to the right, TV straight ahead, and my two little travel-buddies are perched where they can oversee all the goings on...which, right now, is mostly me on the Internet, and possibly (probably) napping in a few.

And as a bonus, I saw these little darlin's growing by the curb at Schlotsky's:
...so I came back to my room, deposited my lunch, grabbed the camera, and wandered back for some pictures...consequently convincing the locals that a nutjob is staying next door. Yay! Aren't they cute? I shall call them Seuss Flowers (or should they be "Who Blossoms" instead?) until someone tells me otherwise.
OK...lunch is over...I'm for a nap...cheers, y'all!


Kit said...

Looks like a baby mimosa tree.

Yay! Glad you made it safe and sound. What an adventure! I look forward to hearing more about it when you're back home again! Have fun!

cinner said...

Have a good time. I am a lover of naps. take care,cinner

HermitJim said...

Sounds like you are having a good time here in big "H"...

If any body gives ya a bad time, you just tell them "hey...I know the Hermit!"

Probably won't do any good, but it may make them think you're crazy enough to leave you alone!

Seriously, enjoy the trip!

Anonymous said...

It's a baby mimosa which is insidious....love you....Mum