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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tuesday Afternoon

This song has been stuck in my head for two days. Read on and find out why.

Busy, busy, busy...I knew when I co-founded the band that there would (hopefully) be some travelling involved with this music business. With any luck, a lot of travelling - travel means there are gigs, gigs mean people want to see us...and hopefully pay us. Yeah, yeah, hope springs eternal...

This year, for various reasons (not all band-related), I seem to have been away quite a bit. Sometimes for fun - helping K at the Ren Fest (fun, but work nonetheless), sometimes performing, and sometimes to pimp the band and try to fish for more gigs outside our usual performance zone...we'd like to get out of the Southeast and expand our audience.

On Tuesday afternoon, I am leaving on another trip...this one for me. I am going to Texas. Yes, you read that right, Texas. For fun. In July. Shut up.

I'm meetin' somebody, an Internet friend. Please spare me the warnings and advice on how much Mace to carry and the various and interesting places I can conceal a Tazer - this isn't my first rodeo. I am leaving information with Mum - where I'll be, how to contact me and the person I'm meeting, where my friend lives, their preferred method of dismembering a body...er...I mean...umm...yeah, anyway... - so someone will know where I should be, and when, and if I don't come home and don't call to say I've decided to move to Houston (Which, really? Me? In frickin' Texas?? Really??? C'mon, y'all...seriously...), she will have some idea where to send the CSI first.

I am staying at one of those motels that has a kitchen in each room, in part because I'm cheap and so was the room (as an aside...good grief, Houston, what on earth is so amazing about your motel rooms that they cost around or above one-hundred dollars a night? Because for that much dosh a day, I expect some serious cabana-boy action, or an in-room masseuse, or maybe a daily foot rub), and in part because I like the idea that I won't need to eat cheap fast food or fritter away my budget on dining out, and in part because I just plain love to cook, even if all I have to work with are two burners and a microwave.

Someone warned me about staying in that kind of place - something about how prostitutes like to work out of them. And? This one looks good - I wouldn't blame a gal or a fella for wanting to have a nice office.

I should have Internet access...maybe...I hope...but I plan to pre-blog anyway, just in case. Yeah, I know, like you care.

The drive out is a two-stage prospect, but the drive home on the fourteenth will be one long haul. I have plenty of tunes and am a dab hand at locating Starbucks wherever they've hidden themselves, so I'll be fine.

Meanwhile - have you ever gone off on an adventure? Maybe to meet an e-buddy for the first time? Tell me about it in the comments, or post a blog and link it. Share the love, y'all!


Piratedred said...

Hell, for a hundred dollars a day you could have all that stuff at home...

Rob Houston said...

I once mustered up enough bravery to fly to Pennsylvania and meet two people who have since become family to me. I met her in an AOL chatroom, and she introduced me to her husband shortly thereafter. I was really afraid to go meet them, but I am glad I did :)

Safe travels, my friend.


Fergie said...

When I was 21 me and 5 other friends rented a 15 passenger van, took out the backseat, threw in a tent, a duffle bag and pillow each and drove cross country. Without a map or destination in mind. The greatest fun I think I've ever had not knowing where I was going.

RachelW said...

Well, does that mean you are on the road now? I hope all is well....