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Monday, September 15, 2008

Yes, It's All About Meme

Picked this up over at Writer Dad, had to answer...you know the drill...

1) Where were you ten years ago?
*Reeling from the breakup of the singing group I was in, trying to help pick up the pieces and form the nascent beginnings of the band I'm in today.
*Just beginning to date T.
*Living in a four bedroom condo (all to myself, I'm that greedy for space!).
*Managing a daycare center, performing much like a director, a secretary, and a teacher on a part-time assistant substitute's salary. Yeah, that lasted.

2) What’s on your to do list today?
*Educate the Evil Genius.
*Work on one of the seemingly innumerable stories I have in the works with an eye to finishing one sometime before the next century.
*Educate the Evil Genius some more.
*Bake something, anything.
*More edjucatin'.
*Walk, go to the gym, or boogie with the kid to get the blood out of my arse and circulating through the rest of me.
*Consider doing laundry, laugh hysterically, do same with dishes and general housekeepery.
*Try to convince the Universe that I really need to win the bazillion-dollar lottery.
*Laugh with the Universe as it mocks me.
*Try not to be so wordy, fail.
*Read stuff to self.
*Read stuff to Evil Genius.
*Try not to dump Evil Genius on his tiny bottom when he elbows my boob again because he got excited about something we're reading.
*Nap often, at great length, with tremendous focus.
*Stop feeling like crap.
*Give in to the Zen of feeling like crap.
*Fill bottomless pit (read "feed child").
*Blog more.

Busy, me.

3) What if you were a Billionaire?
*Hire a stunt-boob for when the Evil Genius gets excited about reading.
*There are some people who have made all the difference when it came to choosing life over death - I would like to give them an easier life to thank them for helping me have any life at all.
*Create education and retirement funds for family members.
*Create a trust fund for the Evil Genius and not tell him about it so he's not spoiled by money (or the idea of money) and knows how to do for himself.
*Buy acres and acres of land to get lost on, build dream house in the middle, and make it my haven when I'm not traveling.
*Fund the arts.
*Write. Keep writing. Write some more.
*Find a way to help translate the things I've experienced - the mental illness, the abuse, the unadulterated misery, the beauty, and the love - into something that might help someone else find their way out of the swamp...because even though I wish I was alone in here, I know very well that I'm not, and why shouldn't we give each other road maps when we can??
*Buy a new body and have my brain transplanted. Oh, wait, they can't do that yet, can they? Dang. OK. Build a home gym, hire a trainer and a shrink, get to the bottom of my bottom (and other really big bits), and haul myself (and my shrinking arse) into a whole new level of healthy existence. You're welcome to join me, the gym will be big enough for all comers.
*Travel. A lot. With friends. Alone. See, experience, be in my global community.
*Am I out of money, yet?

4) Five places you have lived?
*Little Compton, RI, in a grand old Georgian Revival house that I would live in today if I could.
*An un-air-conditioned apartment in Florida where we caught lizards outside and released them inside so they'd eat the roaches because we couldn't afford an exterminator.
*A garden shed that had a cot, a sort of plank for a desk, and me. Peed in the bushes, read by candle light, best summers ever.
*A dormitory in New Hampshire with a handful of other kids, heated by wood stove, out in the woods, best school ever.

5) Three bad habits? (What, only three?)
*I eat too much, too often, and all the wrong things.
*I say (and believe) terrible things about myself.
*I cannot seem to finish many of the things I've started, but I do just fine starting more.

6) Snacks you like? (OK, I am answering this one just for this week, because these things change too often to be answered concretely)
* Mini Twix bars.
*Angel food cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.
*Celery stuffed with cream cheese and olives.
*Baby carrots and cucumber slices.
*Cheese. Mmm, cheese...

7) Who will you tag?
No one. Everyone. Whatever...

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