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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Flat Broke and Busted

It sucks being broke.

Not so broke that we can't afford groceries or power or the occasional jaunt through the drive-through (our answer to fine dining, these days), but the kind of broke where I can't necessarily help someone who needs it.

I'd like to make a donation to Crystal's Paying It Forward For Kids fund, but the money isn't there.

I'd like to support a fellow (and better) author by buying one of Writer Dad's Wee books, but I just can't.

I wanted to help out with this family by bidding on something, but...couldn't.

There are so many places that I could donate money and feel really good about it - certainly better than I will for spending five bucks on a solo, venti, mocha frappuccino with whip - and it'd be better for my arse...if only I had the cash.


Right now, we have to focus on replacing T's car...his Toyota is about to require more than we can put into it...and for what it would cost to make repairs, we can buy a new (really used) vehicle...and the payments (repayments, since someone amazing is making us a loan) will make for some interesting budgeting for a few months while we sort them out.

Double sigh.

So what would you do with a few extra dollars - after the new car, kitchen makeover (oh, we could SO use one of those, too), and a vacation, I mean?


Kit said...

After needed home repairs, and maxing out the IRAs, and making an emergency fund. . . I'd donate to The Conservation Fund, Fairtax.org, and Heifer International. Oh, and my local public radio station.

Mrs. G. said...

All my extra dollars go to college tuition these days.

RachelW said...

Every time you feel like having a latte, but don't, put the five bucks in a jar. Every time you feel lazy about cooking supper and want to go through the drive through, but think better of it, put a twenty in the jar. You'll be amazed how much you have at the end of the month to give to a good cause, spend on a luxury item, or go for a day out. Yes, I've done this sort of thing. It is very rewarding, and it all helps me be a more conscious consumer. :)

Kyddryn said...

Oh, I just adore Heifer International, Kit! I'm all for some FairTax, too...who wouldn't want to actually take home what they make and simply pay tax on what they spend, rather than what they earn?

Mrs. G, I have already warned the Evil Genius that if he wants to go to college, he'll have to get a scholarship or pay his own way. Maybe by the time he's ready for that (if he wants to go), I can home-school him through that, too.

Rachel, you wise sister-in-spirit...I've done that, too. These days, I forgo the drinks and drive-through and still don't have the money to save...but my arse is the better for it, so I can't complain.

Crystal said...

I would personally turn in my mother's resignation so she could enjoy her golden years instead of working her fingers to the bone. If I were rich, I'd adopt tons of old people and animals. And Bob Barker. I'd adopt him, too. (He's still alive, right?)