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Monday, September 8, 2008

And Now, Without Further Ado...

...I present to you the Evil Genius singing his latest hit.

Ladies and gentlemen - Golden Pickles!!!*

Golden, golden pickles
Yeah, golden pickles
Golden pickles
You gotta know about them
Or you won't know the secret
that's inside them
Which is golden pickles
you gotta know about golden, golden pickles
you really gotta try 'em,
those golden pickles
yeah, yeah, yeah,
golden pickles
That's what really makes them taste good
because they're golden, golden pickles
golden pickles
yeah, yeah
(insert vocalized drum solos)
the golden pickles
yeah, yeah,yeah
Gooooooooooolden piiiiiiickles

I think we have a smash hit on our hands. Can you believe he just started singing this out of the blue?? I know! This kind of composition usually takes years of work to complete. Yep, the kid's a prodigy, for sure.

* I am SO copyrighting this, so don't even think about it!!


MereCat said...

I want my GOLDEN PICKLES! (Think: I want my MTV!)

chris said...


Magpie said...

Ah, the golden pickles. I didn't even have to search!

The Broken Man said...

I feel so proud to have heard the lyrics from this song so early - i will be one of those people who knew him before he was famous...

Yours as ever,

The tone deaf and Broken Man