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Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh, and by the way? Squeeeee!!

Last night I learned that Mike Rowe ('scuse me while I wipe the drool from the corner of my mouth) is going to be a couple of miles from my house, shooting at Chateau Elan.

Do you think he knows I live near here? And he's hoping to entice me out of my home? I bet he's hoping he'll wander down the street and I'll see him and offer to take him away from it all..."it all" meaning a successful show, popularity, and income...and into my life of hum-drummery.

Hey, who wouldn't want that?

T understands that the whole monogamy/marriage thing may have to go right out the window if I could score me some Mike Rowe...although...Mike has a lady...a very lucky lady...hmm...so that could be problematic.

Also, the set will be closed. I don't care...I'll tunnel in, if I have to. Or...not. Have you ever tried to get Georgia red clay out from under your fingernails? Egads...do I care enough about catching a glimpse of one of my very favorite TV personalities to endure that? I'll have to think about it...

Dear Goddess, thank you for scrummy, handsome, dirty, dirty Mike Rowe. Sigh...

There, how was that for blathering fandom??

The truth is, I wouldn't know what to do with Mike Rowe. He's a fifty-pound chocolate rabbit. I'll explain that some other time - but trust me, he is. Oh, well - I'll still get a kick out of watching him do something dirty at the Chateau...it's always fun to see the place where you live through the distortion of the television lens.

Heh...if he wants a really dirty job, he should stop by Casa de Crazy and try to sort out my sanity.


Susan said...

Go get him, sistah!!

Kyddryn said...

Heheh...I could probably catch him, but then what??