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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Path

There are many paths, many ways...

Wait. I didn't mean that kind of path!

Things have been kind of heavy around here lately, so I figured I lighten up a little and share Mum's path to the pond. It's a nice path, and it deserves a little love.

A while back (don't ask me when, I don't remember exactly), Mum decided that she wanted a path down to the pond. There was a sort of game trail through the trees, but it started at the bottom of the driveway, went through some thick growth and down a steep little drop before emerging near the dam.

She wanted something a little more human friendly that started near the cabin and ended at the dam so she and her guests, family, or imaginary friends didn't have to stumble through trees, undergrowth, and crazed poison ivy vines to get to the pond.

The overgrown, somewhat cluttered pond.

That wasn't draining as it should.

Uh-oh - what started as a path became a Project.

She hired some very nice young men to sweat, swear, grunt, groan, and play with heavy equipment, and soon she had a path through the woods that didn't require the felling of trees (important - we really don't like felling trees), a cleared pond (they did remove some trees here, but only before nature got them - they were too close to the water for their own good), and a drain pipe that actually drained (although it does require constant clearing to keep doing its job).

A couple of weeks ago, we spent a family day planting some trees and clearing weeds around the pond. T worked the weed-thingy. Mum, Bird and I were finished first, so we went on back to the house. While Mum and Bird went ahead, I lingered on the path and shot some photographs. You see, Mum has some little surprises along the way, if one cares to look about.

Over the next few days, I'll walk you down that path from the house with pictures. Wear comfortable shoes and bring some water - it's not a long walk, but coming back is up hill and the humidity makes the heat feel ten times worse than it really is.