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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Petit LeMans

Starting tomorrow, I'll be working some long-arse days over at the track, so I took the liberty of pre-writing some posts about Mum's path through the woods to the pond. Yeah, they're fluff - but considering the leaden wads of shit I posted here for the last (nearly) two weeks, I figured some fluff was in order.

While my blog is being fluffy, I'll be registering the volunteer safety workers/corner marshals (and their guests) for the event, running worker hospitality, ordering, parcelling out, and delivering worker lunches, delivering water and ice to those hardworking folks, setting up the after-race socials and generally running myself ragged for twenty hours a day. In other words- I'll be having a blast.

Mum will be riding herd on the Evil Genius while I'm off playing with race cars. Thanks, Mum!!

T will be on a turn - probably turn six. If you watch any of the racing on TV, turn six is the start of the hairpin. You will not, under any circumstances, see me on the screen - ever - but you might see T. Of course, you don't know what he looks like, but that's OK...wave anyway.

For information about corner-workers, look here: Corner Workers

For information about the race, look here: Petit LeMans

For information about the best, prettiest race track anywhere (yeah, I'm biased), look here: Road Atlanta

This year, they're debuting a hybrid prototype car. Sweet!

See y'all later - I'm goin' racin'!!

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