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Friday, September 19, 2008

About That Rabbit...

When I lived in New Hampshire, I had occasion to visit an old-fashioned candy shop - the kind that made their candies on the premises rather than selling mass produced fare.

Granite State Candy Shop, in Concord New Hampshire, if it's still there. It smelled heavenly, and fascinated me.

Around Easter, they would put out chocolate rabbits of all sizes. One of them was the King of all the bunnies. I don't know if it weighed fifty pounds, but I always imagined it did.

I often wished I could have one of those giant chocolate beasts.

Then I grew up, and largely forgot about them.


Until one day I was at an event with my band and found myself admiring (from afar) one of the attendees. She was (and still is) a handsome woman, with strong arms, an honest, open smile, and a free laugh. She works copper into beautiful things (I have some of her wind chimes hanging outside my front door). Yep, I was a wee smitten.

And I realized that I wouldn't know what to do with her when I got her home - kind of like that fifty-pound chocolate rabbit at the candy store. Sure, you may think you want it...you may be delighted to have it...and you may even start in on it with the best of intentions...but somewhere along the way, you will realize you can't finish things. It looks good from a distance, but really? I can't handle it.

So now, when I see someone yummy (Mike Rowe, I'm lookin' at you), I may be heard to say "fifty-pound chocolate rabbit" and laugh. I know they look good from a distance, but I also know I wouldn't know what to do with them when I got them home.

Still...it doesn't hurt to look, and dream...

Oh, and that woman? The one who works copper and laughs so beautifully? She's in my band, now. Sweet!!

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devilsivy said...

Who knew copper was so magnetic?