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Sunday, February 22, 2009


Last night I was munching on some leftover conversation hearts - you know, those candies that range from chalk to granite in texture and flavor, with the occasional plastic fruit taste for fun? Anyway, I was eating a handful of those and I got a message that made me pause my consumption for a good laugh - because choking on a conversation heart? not how I envision my demise.

It said "E-Z 2 Plez", which, if my L33T speak isn't entirely off-base, translates into "Easy to please".

Hah! Hahahahahahahah!!!

I'm going to start my own line of snarky hearts that say things like "Pain in my Azz" and "Hi-Maintenance" and "Psycho" and "I Stalk U". Whadaya think?

It's chilly and windy out, a perfect day to have the in-laws over for pancakes and bacon. They're working safety over at the track this weekend, and I like to invite them for breakfast on Sunday - they have a two-hour break on Sunday morning when cars can't run, a local ordinance put into place many years ago because of the churches in the ares. I guess God and auto racing don't go together.

I love bacon and syrup. Yes, I do. This is why I have a (shrinking, slowly shrinking) fifty-acre ass. If I was in Seattle, I would go to Voo-Doo doughnuts and, after giving them a ration about the Voo-Doo thing, buy maple-bacon doughnuts and die happy.

Does anyone else get a kick out of watching the Barett-Jackson auction and thinking of what they'd do with the money besides buy used cars? OK, OK, so they're classic cars and they're beautiful and I'd love to own at least half of them...but I'd rather have land and my dream house first.
I have band practice at my house today and tomorrow. I cleaned my house yesterday so folks would have somewhere to sit and not have crunchy feet...but you wouldn't know that to look at it now. How does one small boy make that much mess?? Maybe they won't notice...

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Suzy said...

maple bacon doughnuts? YUMMO!