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Sunday, February 1, 2009

On With the Show

The gallery show opens today...and so begins the virtual show. I'll post something every day, either shots from the actual show or the photographs I've hung (with the little blurbs I wrote for each), interspersed with photos of K's art and S's sculptures. I haven't managed to get the photo files to look just like the pieces in the gallery - not time to work out how to make them look matted or mounted...but hopefully they'll do anyway.

Here's the room we're using, the heritage Room at the GHCA:

The view from the doorway - K is taking a break after hauling in 43 pieces of art, several tubs of coloring books and prints, and possible a ton of fabric to use for table covers.

View 1 from the back wall - the doorway is to the right of the wooden bit. All those prints lounging about eventually made it onto the wall...39 of them! Whew.

The view from the other corner, and K fixin' to get hung with me. Yeah, we made jokes about being hung all day long. We're all grown up like that.

I didn't get any shots of the actual hanging of the art because I was kinda busy working at it. It took us the better part of the day to get the room squared away, with everything but S's final few polymer pieces in place. S and I are at the gallery today finishing her part and putting in a guest book - one of the women who runs the gallery suggested we put in a notebook for people to sign, and we figured it couldn't hurt.

Here's the room after we were, for the most part, done:

K took one half of the room, and I helped her hang her work by pointing out when it was crooked or too unevenly spaced. What are friends for??

The rest of K's art and the beginning of my stuff, plus the table in the middle that hold K's prints, stickers, and magnets of her art, plus S's polymer pieces. The rack in front of the window holds K's coloring books. She's prolific...epic..prolepic? Eplific? She's somethin'.

Another view of my half of the room's walls. Yes, some of them are crooked, and no, I didn't get them all perfectly straight...I like to think of it as my way of thumbing my nose at the OCD. Please don't remind me...I'll start twitching again...K was a good friend and told me when things needed to be moved or re-spaced...usually right after I had the nails in the wall.

The last of my installation, with a basket of matted or mounted prints in the basket by the door. The papers over the basket are our profiles. I'll be putting those up here, too, as soon as I've edited them to remove names.

Can you see the printed stuff near all those framed pieces? Those are the write-ups I did. See the rose colored cloth on the tables? That's where S's pieces are. Starting tomorrow, I'll show some detailed shots...I figure this post is long enough as it is!

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