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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hoping for Justice

My friend L is in Florida right now, waiting for a trial to end, hoping for justice for her daughter.

There's a lot of back story to this, more than I feel I can or should share, but in a nutshell: L's daughter P was in her father's custody. Her father abused her. She reported the abuse to the authorities and her mother two years ago, and they've been going through the legal system since. P is a minor, in her teens now. The man in question is facing a minimum of three counts of abuse, with the possibility of up to ninety years in prison if found guilty on all counts.

Two years ago, L wasn't sure if she believed her daughter. What if the girl was simply expressing teen rebellion, angry at her father and striking out? Today, she is utterly convinced the girl was and is telling the truth - the evidence is overwhelming. She has been there throughout the trial, listening to the testimony of strangers as they dissect her daughter's life, her abuse, and the short and long term trauma such abuse engenders. With one exception, she has heard what everyone had to say about the man with whom she left her daughter, believing the child safe, as a child should be with her father.

The one exception? P didn't want her mother in the room when she testified. Dear goddess, how terrible that must have been - to know you must speak of things you mother shouldn't hear, to be strong enough to say you won't let her hear them, and to be L waiting, waiting, waiting, knowing that your child is telling strangers things no one should ever have to tell.

Today, they are giving closing arguments. After this, P, L, and everyone who loves them, will be hoping for justice. None of us doubts that the man did what he's accused of, what the evidence proves. None of us has any illusions that justice is a sure thing. All we can do is wait and hope.

Hope springs eternal...

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Vodka Mom said...

Yikes, I'll say a prayer. That sounds like a nightmare.