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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

S's Turn in the Spotlight

It brings me great pleasure to introduce you to S
S lives in L-------ville, Ga, her home a bustling hive of activity. With three teenage children, and a job as a media resources manager in a Gwinnett County school, you wouldn't think she has time for the charming sculptures she creates - but she can always sleep next week!

S uses polymer clay to sculpt whimsical scenes and creatures of mythology, as well as charming animals from her every-day world. She delights in finding new shapes and textures to add to her already vast repertoire, turning her creations into wearable art, table-top decor, and more.

S's sculptures have been a fixture in her local Relay For Life fund-raisers - she prides herself in crafting new designs each year to contribute to sales and auctions to benefit the cause.

She is new to the gallery, having joined in December, but already she finds herself taking part in the rich gallery culture, and she looks forward to spending many happy hours as a demonstrating artist at the GHCA.
These pictures don't do her work justice - I had some serious lighting/flash issues and couldn't manage to get any shots that made me happy...but they're better than nothing...I hope.

The Real Treasure

His Majesty

I'll post more of S's work later in the month...isn't she terrific??


RachelW said...

She's really talented with that clay stuff! I really like the whimsical quality of her work.

(And you know my annoying lecture about intellectual property, naming the artist etc.? I'll spare you, just hit replay if you want to hear it again... ;)

Gypsy Guru said...

I haven't seen any of S's newer stuff in a while and my goodness, it's just BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing... And thank you for being a terrific, prolific blogger. Unlike yours truly... BIG HUGS!!

Kyddryn said...

Rachel, I have no idea how she manages their expressions, but they jsut slay me!

Gypsy, you slacker - you'd think you had a baby or something... And you're welcome.