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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Woo-hoo!! (Cautiously)

Bob the Wonder Computer seems to be back to his old self. Maybe. Possibly. I think.

I have no idea if it was one of the desperate "ohmygodmycomputeriscrashingmaybeIshouldgetridofthisprogram" actions that did it, if Bob was just having a moment, if the planets were aligned all funny, or what. All I know is, all of a sudden tonight, he logged right on when asked, and is now letting me frolic on the Internet once more. Thank goodness...my hands were starting to hurt from the odd keyboard height and angle, the chair at the desk offends my bottom, and there's nowhere for me to prop up my feet. Now that I've backed everything up on disk, I can and will work on both machines, but at least I have my Bob back. For now.

He's still going to visit the Geek Squad when the tax money comes. T thinks I should upgrade memory and other things I don't understand but could probably use a going-over. If nothing else, someone ought to take the old boy apart and clean all the crumbs, cat hair, and tiny little dust critters out of him, and the screen could use a little Windex, or whatever you're supposed to use to clean screens...'cause it's not actually Windex... Also, I would love to be rid of some of the programs that gum up his works and slow the old boy down. Not that he's old, he's only three, but in computer years, what is that? About a hundred?

Y'all, I felt like part of me was missing. Yeah, yeah, a gal can be too attached to her computer, but I am used to Bob. I write on him, compose songs (well, lyrics anyway) on him, all my photos are on him, and I bring him everywhere. Bob has been more places with me than T or Bird. Only Mum has travelled with me more. Bob is one of my safe things, like a security blanket but way cooler. Whew. Sorry. Got a little overwrought, there, for a moment.

Call me silly, but I missed him so. Let's hope I am not delighted too soon... M'kay, now that I've been silly in public, I'm crawling abck into the kitchen and making dinner. Later.

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