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Friday, January 18, 2008

Let's dish...


Yes, dish wash.

But first, I simply must share two little gems from Bird.

The first is from yesterday; my son decided to hold a concert in my honor. He built a microphone from some magnet-and-ball things that he got for his birthday. Then he struck his concert pose - he's modeling himself after Green Day (whom he's never seen or heard) by performing in boxer shorts and a flannel shirt. A fashion plate my boy isn't. He then proceeded to scream sing his latest hit "Why won't you give me a chance, just give me a chaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnce?!?!?" Soon to top the charts, I'm sure. After I called mum and let her have a listen to this gem and we both had a giggle, Bird decided that I had to sing into the microphone...after all, I do it all the time on stage, so why not in the kitchen? I took my turn and handed it back to him, and asked him if he could sing something a little softer and sweeter. He said "No, mommy, I'm up to the rock star now, and soft and quiet isn't the rock star. I have to be loud." Ok, so maybe that's only funny if you're a mum or grandmum...but I got a chuckle out of it.

The second is from this morning - he came scampering into the kitchen and proclaimed "Mommy, you won't believe this - in the window I saw a cloud that looks just like the goddess! But it's a little huger because it has winds behind it." This is the same boy who stood staring out the living room window yesterday quietly saying "Goddess, can I please have some more snow now? I know the nights are longer for you than they are here, but please may I have some more snow to play with now? My name is (redacted) and I would like to have some more snow please." Awww....

Ok, so dishes. Yeah, I'm following the cuteness with a bit of a gripe. I am wondering about men's eyesight. I think they have a peculiar blind spot when it comes to certain things. Like selective hearing...it's selective vision.

For instance...dishes. I don't believe for a moment that they don't understand why there're no cups for them to drink from, and it can't possibly be a mystery why they can't get to the faucet because the sinks (yes, plural) are overflowing with dirty dishes. Are they seeing an empty sink, really? Do they think it's an invisible force blocking them from the faucet? Do they believe that dish-and-cup-eating gremlins reside in the house, and when clean dishes are finally put away, it's the dish fairy making more? I'd really like to know.

It must be a guy thing, because even my mum, who doesn't live here, puts away dishes when they're clean, loads up the dishwasher, and runs it.

Now, T does occasionally run dishes...sometimes even when I haven't nagged him for help for three or four days. He puts them away, too, once in a while. I try to remember to thank him, although no one thanks me fore simply doing what needs to be done 'round here. But usually, we have what's been going on for the last couple of weeks - I'll manage to get the sinks emptied, run dishes or hand wash them, and put most of them away. I'll run the dishwasher in the afternoon, one last load, and then go out in the evening to party like it's nineteen-ninety-nine get some work done, pick up groceries, take Bird to our play/crafting group. I'll come home to a sink full of dishes (how, how, HOW do they use so many dishes in just a few hours???) and a dishwasher full of clean ones. Maybe the next day I'm busy, so don't get it unloaded. Someone will open the dishwasher to take out a clean cup to use, but doesn't give homes to all the other poor dishes that long to be put away. This can go on for days - pulling clean ones out to use and dump in the sink but never putting them away and reloading the dishwasher. No wonder married men die first...their wives are murdering them in their sleep over things like this!!

So, can you guess what I did first thing this morning?

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