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Saturday, January 19, 2008

The end is nigh!

Well, maybe not, but this is the second day of snow in a week. In Georgia. So who knows? Me? I'm happy...I spent over an hour playing on the doodle site I posted earlier, and it's been snowing...so it's shaping up to be a decent day. At the moment, I'm easy to please. I took some pictures when it first started, and again just now. Standing on my front not-a-stoop-because-it's-too-big-but-not-a-porch-because-it's-too-small and listening to the hissing snowfall, the clicking of the melting drops, the geese off in the distance, and the silence behind it all was a blessed bit of zen time. I watched the birds flitting to the feeder - I filled it up a little earlier today - and that was lovely. I can't identify them all, but there were Chickadees, some sort of wren, Cardinals, and I think Grossbeaks. I really should pay better attention to the bird book my dad and stepmum sent me. Anyway, here are some pictures...and be warned, I am sure to be an utter goof and take more as the "storm" progresses, because it is a rare treat and should be enjoyed to the maximum.
Just Beginning

Snow Falling on Cypress

Coming Down Harder, Now

Strategic Perch
Don't clean your glasses...it's a blurry shot, but I still like it

Fairy in the Snowfall

Wait Your Turn

Little Guardian
(This is about forty minutes after it started)

Oh, also, pray for me - mum and I have decided that the middle of a snowstorm in Georgia is the perfect time to go shopping for bluejeans in Gwinnett County...a good half-hour drive from here in the best of weather. You can see where I inherited my crazy from, can't you?

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