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"...besides love, independence of thought is the greatest gift an adult can give a child." - Bryce Courtenay, The Power of One

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Can she do it?

Well, we're about to find out. I am caving in to my ineptitude and creating this blog because I am aparently too freakin' dense to figure out how to make photo blogs on MySpace. I looks easier on this host site (but then, looks can be deceiving), so I'm giving this a go. If it works I'll be double posting text blog here and on MySpace, and posting links to this one on MySpace for Photo thingies. Wow, that all sounds a lot more complicated than I want to be. Sigh.

I have spent about half an hour futzing with the colors for this blog page. Aren't I pretty?? I will be (hopefully) learning some features besides photo posting, because I can. Also, what else do I have to do, besides laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning, and generally caring for and educating my son? Right, nothing.

I already like one feature - this site has spell check!! Woo-hoo!! Now I can type like an insane woman again, instead of actually thinking about where my fingers are going.

Excuse me a moment while I go fix an early lunch for Bird. That's my son. He wants a cheese quesadilla. Cut into five pieces. Not four. Not six. Five. I have no idea.

1 comment:

kit said...

Welcome! I do the mirror blog thing, too- mine over here is kitmama.blogspot.com

Your site looks great! Much better than mine. . . hmm, one of these days I will try to remedy that situation. . .