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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Where did the day go??

OK...I know I didn't get to be at a reasonable hour last night. After two-o'clock. Ayem. You know, the morning one. (Hello, insomnia, are you And Bird woke up early. Before seven. Ayem. You know, the morning one.

So I was bound to feel a little...out of sorts...this morning. I still managed to get some laundry done, make out a grocery list, read up on bread making because I really want to make something crusty, steamy, chewy...cue Homer Simpson gargle here. Is there anything quite as wondrous as fresh baked bread and butter? Irish Butter? Maybe with a bit of honey? Go wipe your mouth. I'll wait.

I cleaned the bathroom again. Why can't cats keep the litter in the box? Really, it gets everywhere. It's at the foot of my bed, under three layers of bedding. How does that happen? I think they put it there on purpose. I do. They scoop it up into their little paws, creep into the room when I'm not looking, dump it right where they know my feet will be that night, and run.

I made lunch. OK, so it was cold pizza, but I did put it on plates, and I cut up an apple for Bird. Somehow, that took all morning. It was almost two-o'clock in the afternoon when Bird went into quiet time and I decided that a nap was in order. That explains the afternoon flying past. Sleep will do that to you. I had the funkiest dreams...can't remember much about them, except they were those dreams you wake up from and say "What the hell???" The phone woke me, but that's OK...I really needed to go to the grocery store. We were out of milk, paper towels, ice cream...you know, the essentials!

I was going to get more laundry done, but the detergent disappeared. I had almost a whole bottle, but it's gone. Perhaps the cats ate it. Couldn't do laundry until the grocery run. I got Seventh Generation soap this time. I'm gettin' so freakin' granola, I am going to break out in raisins at any moment.

I was going to do dishes, but I was out of dish detergent. Bird's not burping bubbles, so I know it's not him; what, are there detergent eating gremlins out there?

Now it's evening. Bird's in his room, I am finishing dinner (ribeye steak, rare because overcooked steak is a travesty and you may as well order boiled shoe-leather as well done beef, baked potato, and an entire package of frozen spinach all for me)(because no one else 'round here will eat it)(but since Bird's in his room and T is out of town, I don't care)(mmmm, spinach) and finally watching the Wednesday AI...and I can't figure out what happened to the day. It's just...gone.

Does that ever happen to you?

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