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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Brief Musical Interlude.

Caribbean Lighthouse

Maybe not so musical...I have no idea how to include audio clips in a blog, so I'll have to settle for just writing about some music and hoping that will suffice.
Last year, my friend Kit introduced me to the band Nickel Creek, a bluegrass group. They have fabulous harmonies, instrumentation, and generally knocked my socks off. OK, so maybe that's not so hard to do...but really, it kinda is...I am a picky bitch when it comes to what I will listen to more than once. One of their songs, The Lighthouse Tale, was so lovely, it made me cry. Yeah, yeah, I'm a big old girl.
Here's the video I found on YouTube...maybe...if I can make this whole thing work...'cause we've discussed my non-geekness when it comes to things computerish. Heh, spell check is swooning. Anyway, the video:
There are actually several videos of The Lighthouse Tale, so I sort of picked one at random.

Here's another song:

When In Rome gets stuck in my head a good bit...I don't know what exactly appeals to me about this song, but I like it. I think it's the fiddle part.

They're cute, aren't they?

Go look them up on YouTube if you want more...they have so many songs I could overload my blog with 'em; Jealous of the Moon, When You Come Back Down (the video for this one isn't terrific 'cause it was shot at a live concert) - Y'all want to make your honey swoon? Play him/her this song...but only if you mean it.

I loaded Kit's copy of their "The Best..." CD onto my iPod, with full intentions of buying a copy when I'm solvent. I loathe pirating! 'Course, I'm a musician, so I'm a little skewed on the subject. Whenever possible, I buy the original, make a copy, and play the copy while storing the original so it doesn't get worn slap out. It may sound a bit much, but I like some obscure stuff, and it isn't always replaceable. I am still mourning the loss of my "Men Without Hats, The Rhythm of Youth" tape. Shush. I hear you laughing.

Now for the bad news...they broke up!! Now what'll I do?? I can order the CD, and I will, but...but...now I'll never get to see them in concert, screaming like a loony fan and throwing...well, not my undies because size ridiculous grannies just aren't the thing to fling at musicians, but maybe I could go get ammo at Victoria's Secret...they don't have to know, do they? Sigh...all moot, since they're not a group any more, but...maybe they'll get back together and make me happy. 'Cause isn't that what everyone wants, to make me happy?

Want another laugh? I know, you haven't recovered from the Men Without Hats thing...well, here, to add fuel to the fire...I decided that I like the country song "International Harvester". Good grief...what a ridiculous thing to write about, but the song tickles me. I was grinning like a fool last night when it played on the radio...and singing along...and I just know the people in the cars around me thought I was a nut. Eh, who cares?

'K, 'nough music for now I'm off to frolic in the laundry...cheers!

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