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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow Day!

Well, not really. Even if we weren't home-schooling, it wouldn't be a snow day. Most of the snow has gone away this morning, although the lawn and woods still look like a patchwork.

Even though we aren't snowed in, I am going to pretend. Except for one vital trip to the bank that simply can't wait, I'm not going anywhere. Oh, and I'm not missing my usual Thursday jaunt to Borders unless there's just no choice. Wait, how is that different than usual? No, no, we're pretending, remember?

Well, anyway, I am pretending. I'm baking cookies and there will be hot chocolate going on a some point, and maybe Bird and I will go play in what remains of the snow...or we'll make mudballs and mudmen...and then come back in for cocoa and cookies and a hot bath.

I keep thinking that one Winter I will go up to upstate New York or maybe New Hampshire, rent a house (this would be after I win the lottery, of course) and stay for the season, just to give Bird one proper Winter to remember. Maybe when he's ten or eleven, just the right age for skiing, sledding, and snow forts. Sigh. That'd be nice.

Right, I need my cuppa tea. Later!

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