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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Still Waiting

Still waiting for Sprout 2011.

You'll be the first second third to I'll let you know, beloved Internets.

Meanwhile, we have what should be our last appointment with the specialist today. One more scan, one more chance to see Sprout from the inside out.

I may or may not have been feeling something a bit like a contraction in the last few hours, but not the hurt-y kind...more like my gut's sucking itself in, tightening a little. Sprout's wriggling about, zinging me. My lower ribs hurt, oddly.

We still need to finish cleaning the laundry area (and there's a future maintenance project in that space, lemme tell ya) and get the replacements installed - while I will envy Mum her fancy new machines, I am happy to have her old ones - they're a bit younger and hipper than our old units.

A fellow from the local shelter came out and picked up the old machines. They'll get a few more years out of them and then can recycle 'em locally for a few bucks. I have an acquaintance who has had occasion to dwell at that shelter, which is how I knew about them. If they hadn't taken the old beasts, I would have Craig's Listed 'em, and then gone the Freecycle rout, and finally, if all else failed, scavenged the copper and saleable bits and recycled 'em myself...but I'm just as glad the shelter wanted them.

Meanwhile, I am busy cooking breakfast (yes, it's late - if you were only days from impending no-more-sleeping-in-for-a-while baby-ness, you'd sleep late, too) - scrambled eggs with spinach and mushrooms in, fried potatoes and onions, coffee for Someone and unsweet iced tea for me...in case you were wondering...

What's your day looking like??


Susan said...

My day? The school district freaked out b/c there was a whopping 2" on the ground and had everyone come get their kid at noon. Now it's sunny and bright and I have three kids to entertain while all I want to do is sleep. Snuggle in, Sprout! It's cold out here!

Holly said...

I hope some of that egg goodness is left. I'm hobbling over now. Could take a while, but hey, keep the front door open.