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Monday, January 24, 2011

I Feel Ya, Johnny

There's a scene in Johnny Tremain - you do know Johnny Tremain, right? Classic American Revolution novel about a young silver-smith turned revolutionary? Written by Esther Forbes? Please tell me this is still on the reading lists of our nation's schools...

Anyway, there's a scene in this book (yes, it was made into a film...I've never seen it...can we stick to the point, here??) wherein our here, young Johnny, comes into a bit of money. As he has not eaten well in some time (things get tough when you're putting on a revolution, you know), he takes some of that dosh and goes on a dining spree.

He orders the best, most expensive foods he can think of and gluts himself.

Have you ever done that? Just eaten and eaten, simple or extravagant, until you felt you would burst...and then eaten a bit more?

When he's finished eating (and drinking), he isn't so much satisfied as feeling rather less than well. He feels stretched out, packed full to bursting. He feels as though something in his belly is alive, wriggling about, wanting out.


I feel ya, Johnny...
Still no Sprout...but last night there were a few more contraction-like things going on (sporadically), so maybe...

Meanwhile, Mum's coming this way this afternoon so Someone and I can go to the pre-op appointment at the doctor's office, followed by the pre-op appointment at Redneck General Horspital and Sock Emporium where we'll find out what time the c-section will be...and, consequently, just exactly how last-minute this little wench in my middle can be before it's too late, knife time.

I am still holding out hope she'll do this on her own...her Papa is a 24'th...maybe she wants the same number...

Either way, there will be a baby tomorrow. Casa de Crazy will be a little louder, a little crazier, a little more chaotic, getting a lot less sleep...wait, whose idea was this??

In the next few months, we'll be getting used to a new life and meeting her demands. I don't imagine those demands will include blogging on my part, but I'm going to try not to be too slack in the Blue Nowhere. I'm even going to try not to make it all baby-and-post-birthing-beiges posts, 'cause I love y'all that much. I hope y'all will bear with me.

Now...what can I get up to to convince this kid to get on out here??

1 comment:

Wild Cakes said...

Let's see...
we tried castor oil in a root beer/ice cream float (you don't taste it!)
sex (I wasn't much inclined, but was willing to try anything by the time my son was 17 days late!)

there was a homeopathic remedy but i forget what

raspberry leaf tea

blue and black cohosh (these can be dangerous if used improperly used; get advice from a herbalist if you want to try it)

long walks (at least until my hips hurt)

all of these were advice from my midwife or others, but in the end, we had to be induced (pitocin drip) to get my lad out of his comfy spot.

Here's hoping that Sprout is already working on her grand entrance!