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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Nitty Gritty

We're all settling in to our new non-routine at Casa de Crazy. For the newest addition, that means a fair bit of this...

...in between meals and frequent nappy changes and cuddling.

For the Evil Genius, it means learning that Mommy and Someone may be tired, grumpy, and a little less all-his-for-the-asking than we have been.

For the four-foots, it means a bit of sniffing, a few disgusted looks tossed our way (you brought home another one??), and (in Rook's case), some looking after - wherever Sprout is, Rook can't be far behind, following from room to room and curling up next to Sprout in the pack-n-play, crib, couch, or bed on the rare occasions we put her down.

For myself and Someone, it means adjusting our sleep habits - in my case, it also means adjusting my ideas about sleep in general for a bit, as I cannot sleep lying down, yet...so I sit cross-legged on the bed, leaning against the head board, occasionally stretching my legs out in front of me for a few minutes. As I heal, I'll be able to lie down and eventually turn over again...bliss...but for now, it's going to be rough.

Heh...I dozed off several times while writing this, and eventually had to go take a nap.

I feel remarkably well, all things considered - I've been up and around a lot because it feels good to move about and sitting in one place for any length of time makes my tailbone and my back ache. I get frustrated that it takes me a minute to stand and straighten up, and I shuffle a bit when I walk...but then I remind myself that I had what amounts to major surgery on Tuesday...and I need to cut myself some slack! Someone is doing yeoman's duty, too...poor man, his wimmins is runnin' him ragged!!

Off to the pediatrician for Sprout's first doctor visit...y'all have a good one!

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Wild Cakes said...

congrats!!! She is a beauty; just like her momma!